Physical Therapist Diane Lott, PT

For more than 30 years, Diane Phillips Lott, PT, has been working as a physical therapist helping patients regain mobility, flexibility, and strength after an injury, surgery, or other medical issue. Her passion for her work and helping patients rehabilitate without drugs or surgery as a complement to their body’s natural healing powers makes her a perfect match for the caring team at Alternative Wellness Clinic located in Sterling, Virginia.

It was clear from the beginning that creativity was going to play a role in her life. Diane, a soprano, studied music at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. When her focus shifted to physical therapy, she entered one of the most prestigious and oldest physical therapy educational programs in the country at the University of Pittsburgh, where she graduated.

Throughout her career, her knowledge and interests led her to varied opportunities in multiple fields, including orthopedic and industrial rehabilitation and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation for in-patient and outpatient care. Patients at Alternative Wellness Clinic benefit from Diane’s intuitive and compassionate care and vast pool of knowledge concerning regenerative medicine. Each day, her only goal is to help her patients get back to living full and productive lives.


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