Nurse Practitioner Gena Leatzow, FNP-BC

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Gena Leatzow, FNP-BC, is a certified nurse practitioner and a board-certified family nurse practitioner at Alternative Wellness Clinic located in Sterling, Virginia. Even as a young girl growing up in South Korea, Gena had a genuine interest in helping others. From the time she learned how to speak English, she knew that she wanted to be a health care provider.

For Gena, healing goes well beyond helping patients feel better and grow stronger. It’s about getting to know the whole person, not just about the illness or condition that needs to be healed.

Gena believes that the relationship between the provider and patient and the ability to communicate and inform are key components for healing and wellness.

Gena brings this steadfast commitment to a holistic approach to her patients at Alternative Wellness Clinic, where she works as a team member with the doctors and the physical therapist to tailor regenerative medicine programs to address each patient’s needs. She began her journey to her professional career as a student at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, where she earned a bachelor of science and a master of science in nursing with a nurse practitioner concentration. After graduation, Gena joined Alternative Wellness Clinic to help build their regenerative medicine program.


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